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Everything I Know in Life I Learned From 'Friends'

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Is There A Santa Claus? Interesting Stats

 As a result of an overwhelming lack of requests, and with research help from that renown scientific journal SPY magazine (January, 1990) - I am pleased to present the annual scientific inquiry into Santa Claus.

1) No known species of reindeer can fly. BUT there are 300,000 species of living organisms yet to be classified, and while most of these are insects and germs, this does not COMPLETELY rule out flying reindeer which only Santa has ever seen.

2) There are 2 billion children (persons under 18) in the world. BUT since Santa doesn't (appear) to handle the Muslim, Hindu, Jewish and Buddhist children, that reduces the workload to 15% of the total - 378 million according to Population Reference Bureau. At an average (census) rate of 3.5 children per household, that's 91.8 million homes. One presumes there's at least one good child in each.

3) Santa has 31 hours of Christmas to work with, thanks to the different time zones and the rotation of the earth, assuming he travels east to west (which seems logical). This works out to 822.6 visits per second. This is to say that for each Christian household with good children, Santa has 1/1000th of a second to park, hop out of the sleigh, jump down the chimney, fill the stockings, distribute the remaining presents under the tree, eat whatever snacks have been left, get back up the chimney, get back into the sleigh and move on to the next house. Assuming that each of these 91.8 million stops are evenly distributed around the earth (which, of course, we know to be false but for the purposes of our calculations we will accept), we are now talking about .78 miles per household, a total trip of 75-1/2 million miles, not counting stops to do what most of us must do at least once every 31 hours, plus feeding and etc.
This means that Santa's sleigh is moving at 650 miles per second, 3,000 times the speed of sound. For purposes of comparison, the fastest manmade vehicle on earth, the Ulysses space probe, moves at a poky 27.4 miles per second - a conventional reindeer can run, tops, 15 miles per hour.

4) The payload on the sleigh adds another interesting element. Assuming that each child gets nothing more than a medium-sized lego set (2 pounds), the sleigh is carrying 321,300 tons, not counting Santa, who is invariably described as overweight. On land, conventional reindeer can pull no more than 300 pounds. Even granting that "flying reindeer" (see point #1) could pull TEN TIMES the normal ammount, we cannot do the job with eight, or even nine. We need 214,200 reindeer. This increases the payload - not even counting the weight of the sleigh - to 353,430 tons. Again, for comparison - this is four times the weight of the Queen Elizabeth.

5) 353,000 tons traveling at 650 miles per second creates enormous air resistance - this will heat the reindeer up in the same fashion as spacecrafts re-entering the earth's atmosphere. The lead pair of reindeer will absorb 14.3 QUINTILLION joules of energy. Per second. Each. In short, they will burst into flame almost instantaneously, exposing the reindeer behind them, and create deafening sonic booms in their wake. The entire reindeer team will be vaporized within 4.26 thousandths of a second. Santa, meanwhile, will be subjected to centrifugal forces 17,500.06 times greater than gravity. A 250-pound Santa (which seems ludicrously slim) would be pinned to the back of his sleigh by 4,315,015 pounds of force.
In conclusion -
If Santa ever DID deliver presents on Christmas Eve, he's dead now.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Holiday Recipe

You'll need the following:
1 cup sugar
1 cup water
4 large eggs
2 cups dried fruit
1 tsp. salt
1 cup brown sugar
lemon juice
1 bottle whisky

Sample the whisky to check for quality.
Take a large bowl. Check the whisky again. To be sure it's the highest quality, pour one level cup & drink. Repeat. Turn on the electric mixer, beat 1 cup butter in a large fluffy bowl. Add 1 tsp. sugar and beat again.
Make sure the whisky is still OK. Cry another cup. Turn off the mixar. Beat two leggs and addd to the bowl and chuck in the cup of dried fruit. Mix on the tuner. If the dried frust gets stuck on the beaters pry it loose with a drewscriver.
Sample the whisky to check for tonsisticity. Next, sift 2 cups of salt. Or something. Who cares? Check the whiskey. Now sift the lemon juice and strain your nuts. Add one table. Spoon. Of sugar or something. Whatever you can find.
Grease the oven. Turn on the cake to 350 degrees. Don't forget to beat off the turner. Throw the bowl out the window. Check the whicky again and go to bed.

25 Ways To Annoy Your Roommate During Christmas

    Another funny find! Enjoy!
  1. Claim you were a Christmas tree in your former life. If s/he tries to bring one into the room, scream bloody murder.
  2. Go to the mall with your roommate and sit on Santa's lap. Refuse to get off.
  3. Wear a Santa suit all the time. Deny you're wearing it.
  4. Sit in a corner in the fetal position rocking back and forth chanting, "Santa Claus is coming to town, Santa Claus is coming to town..."
  5. Hang mistletoe in the doorway. When your roommate enters or leaves the room, plant a wet one on his/her lips.
  6. Hang a stocking with your roommates name on it. Collect coal and sharp objects in it. If s/he asks, say "you've been very naughty this year."
  7. Paint your nose red and wear antlers. Constantly complain about how you never get to join in on the reindeer games.
  8. Make conversation out of Christmas Carols. (I.E. "You know, I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus underneath the mistletoe last night.")
  9. Wrap yourself in Christmas lights and roll around in the snow.
  10. Sing: "All I want for Christmas is my roommate's two front teeth..."
  11. Give your roommate the gifts from the twelve days of Christmas song.
  12. Build a snowperson with your roommate and place a hat on its head. When it doesn't come to life, cry hysterically "it didn't work!"
  13. Whip your roommate screaming "now Dasher, now Dancer, now Donner, and Blitzen, etc."
  14. Tear down all your roommate's Christmas decorations yelling "Bah Humbug!"
  15. Wake up every morning screaming "Ghost of Christmas Future, please have mercy on my soul!"
  16. Tell your roommate you're moving out. Santa's buying you a house on 34th Street.
  17. Pin a poinsettia to your lapel.
  18. Make anatomically correct gingerbread people and eat the best parts first.
  19. Put on a fake white beard and insist that all your roommate's friends "give it a yank."
  20. Ring jingle bells maniacally saying "every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings."
  21. Stand in front of the mirror reciting "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" over and over in your underwear.
  22. Smoke mistletoe. Do what comes naturally.
  23. Watch your roommate when s/he is sleeping. When s/he wakes up sing, "he sees you when you're sleeping..."
  24. Steal a life size nativity scene and display it in your room. When your roommate asks, tell him/her "I had to let them stay here, there's no room at the inn."
  25. When your roommate goes to the bathroom, rearrange his/her possessions. Tell him/her that Santa's elves must have done it.

Monday, December 12, 2011

3 Ways To Ease Depression Isolation

This is something that I am currently suffering from and it is soooo hard to not isolate myself.  Currently I am spending approx. 22 hours in my bedroom.  Im not sitting and brewing over everything in my head, I do keep myself busy, with reading, tv, movies, twitter, facebook, etc.  I force myself to go for, at the very least, a small walk, every day.  I also have to force myself to do one house chore a day.  This is how I spend the 2 hours I am not in my bedroom.  I just don't feel like doing anything. Found this article below regarding this, and I am hoping I can make some progress with my isolation, as I know it is very unhealthy for my mental health.  The journey continues.


How to make isolation help ease the pain of depression.

One of the hardest symptoms to deal with during a depressive episode is feeling disconnected from reality. This feeling causes sufferers to retreat further and further into their own world. They become isolated from their loved ones and friends and the loneliness deepens the depression. Here’s three ways to stop isolation from making depression worse.

1. Have at least one person you can turn to and have regular contact with 3-4 times a week. Someone you can call when you need to talk, someone who can be with you just watching TV or going to a movie. You don’t have talk about how you feel if you don’t want to and be clear that you don’t want to be questioned about your feelings. Hopefully, they’ll understand this and will be there for you when you need them.

2. There will be times when you just want to shut out the world and have your own space. Many sufferers just want to be alone in a quiet room such as their bedroom. There’s nothing wrong with this at all. But try not to make it a daily or regular habit. Schedule this once, maybe twice a week at most and be strict with it. It’s about a balance. Yes, shut the world out for a day or two each week. For the rest of the week, be around people, especially the special person we discussed in the first paragraph.

3. When you do shut the world out, do it in a way that helps you rather than hurts you. So, instead of retiring to a dark room and lying in bed to brood about your problems, try these: Mind puzzles – logic problems, crosswords, spatial puzzles etc. – jigsaw puzzles, draw or paint, play a musical instrument, write stories, watch TV or a movie, or read a book or a magazine and listen to some music. With a book and music, avoid anything too heavy or deep. Keep it nice and light. In this way, isolation doesn’t become a period of deep introspection where you worry or fret about problems or go over the past or beat up on yourself. You get the peace and tranquillity but not the torment that can accompany it during a depressive episode.

If you feel isolated and that life seems like a “virtual reality”, then please put these techniques to use. Isolation is a part of depression and the key to lessening the impact is to understand how it happens and use it so it helps you beat depression instead of keeping you trapped in it.

Tips to Prevent Holiday Stress & Depression


When stress is at its peak, it's hard to stop and regroup. Try to prevent stress and depression in the first place, especially if the holidays have taken an emotional toll on you in the past.

  1. Acknowledge your feelings. If someone close to you has recently died or you can't be with loved ones, realize that it's normal to feel sadness and grief. It's OK to take time to cry or express your feelings. You can't force yourself to be happy just because it's the holiday season.
  2. Reach out. If you feel lonely or isolated, seek out community, religious or other social events. They can offer support and companionship. Volunteering your time to help others also is a good way to lift your spirits and broaden your friendships.
  3. Be realistic. The holidays don't have to be perfect or just like last year. As families change and grow, traditions and rituals often change as well. Choose a few to hold on to, and be open to creating new ones. For example, if your adult children can't come to your house, find new ways to celebrate together, such as sharing pictures, emails or videos.
  4. Set aside differences. Try to accept family members and friends as they are, even if they don't live up to all of your expectations. Set aside grievances until a more appropriate time for discussion. And be understanding if others get upset or distressed when something goes awry. Chances are they're feeling the effects of holiday stress and depression, too.
  5. Stick to a budget. Before you go gift and food shopping, decide how much money you can afford to spend. Then stick to your budget. Don't try to buy happiness with an avalanche of gifts. Try these alternatives: Donate to a charity in someone's name, give homemade gifts or start a family gift exchange.
  6. Plan ahead. Set aside specific days for shopping, baking, visiting friends and other activities. Plan your menus and then make your shopping list. That'll help prevent last-minute scrambling to buy forgotten ingredients. And make sure to line up help for party prep and cleanup.
  7. Learn to say no. Saying yes when you should say no can leave you feeling resentful and overwhelmed. Friends and colleagues will understand if you can't participate in every project or activity. If it's not possible to say no when your boss asks you to work overtime, try to remove something else from your agenda to make up for the lost time.
  8. Don't abandon healthy habits. Don't let the holidays become a free-for-all. Overindulgence only adds to your stress and guilt. Have a healthy snack before holiday parties so that you don't go overboard on sweets, cheese or drinks. Continue to get plenty of sleep and physical activity.
  9. Take a breather. Make some time for yourself. Spending just 15 minutes alone, without distractions, may refresh you enough to handle everything you need to do. Take a walk at night and stargaze. Listen to soothing music. Find something that reduces stress by clearing your mind, slowing your breathing and restoring inner calm.
  10. Seek professional help if you need it. Despite your best efforts, you may find yourself feeling persistently sad or anxious, plagued by physical complaints, unable to sleep, irritable and hopeless, and unable to face routine chores. If these feelings last for a while, talk to your doctor or a mental health professional.

Take control of the holidays

Don't let the holidays become something you dread. Instead, take steps to prevent the stress and depression that can descend during the holidays. Learn to recognize your holiday triggers, such as financial pressures or personal demands, so you can combat them before they lead to a meltdown. With a little planning and some positive thinking, you can find peace and joy during the holidays.

I Think Santa Claus is A Woman

Found this on the internet...had to share.

I hate to be the one to defy sacred myth, but I believe he's a she. Think about it. Christmas is a big, organized, warm, fuzzy, nurturing social deal, and I have a tough time believing a guy could possibly pull it off!
For starters, the vast majority of men don't even think about selecting gifts until Christmas Eve. It's as if they are all frozen in some kind of Ebenezerian Time Warp until 3 p.m. on Dec. 24th, when they - with amazing calm - call other errant men and plan for a last-minute shopping spree.

Once at the mall, they always seem surprised to find only Ronco products, socket wrench sets, and mood rings left on the shelves. (You might think this would send them into a fit of panic and guilt, but my husband tells me it's an enormous relief because it lessens the 11th hour decision-making burden.) On this count alone, I'm convinced Santa is a woman. Surely, if he were a man, everyone in the universe would wake up Christmas morning to find a rotating musical Chia Pet under the tree, still in the bag.

Another problem for a he-Santa would be getting there. First of all, there would be no reindeer because they would all be dead, gutted and strapped on to the rear bumper of the sleigh amid wide-eyed, desperate claims that buck season had been extended. Blitzen's rack would already be on the way to the taxidermist. Even if the male Santa DID have reindeer, he'd still have transportation problems because he would inevitably get lost up there in the snow and clouds and then refuse to stop and ask for directions. Add to this the fact that there would be unavoidable delays in the chimney, where the Bob Vila-like Santa would stop to inspect and repoint bricks in the flue. He would also need to check for carbon monoxide fumes in every gas fireplace, and get under every Christmas tree that is crooked to straighten it to a perfectly upright 90-degree angle.
Other reasons why Santa can't possibly be a man:
  • Men can't pack a bag.
  • Men would rather be dead than caught wearing red velvet.
  • Men would feel their masculinity is threatened...having to be seen with all those elves.
  • Men don't answer their mail.
  • Men would refuse to allow their physique to be described even in jest as anything remotely resembling a "bowlful of jelly."
  • Men aren't interested in stockings unless somebody's wearing them.
  • Having to do the Ho Ho Ho thing would seriously inhibit their ability to pick up women.
  • Finally, being responsible for Christmas would require a commitment.
I can buy the fact that other mythical holiday characters are men...
Father Time shows up once a year unshaven and looking ominous. Definite guy. Cupid flies around carrying weapons.
Uncle Sam is a politician who likes to point fingers.
Any one of these individuals could pass the testosterone screening test. But not St. Nick. Not a chance. As long as we have each other, good will, peace on earth, faith, and Nat King Cole's version of "The Christmas Song," it probably makes little difference what gender Santa is.
I just wish she'd quit dressing like a guy!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

12 Days of Christmas: Global Challenges

Today's global challenges require the North Pole to continue to look for better, more competitive steps.
Effective immediately, the following economy measures are to take place in the "Twelve Days of Christmas" subsidiary:

The partridge will be retained, but the pear tree never turned out to be the cash crop forecasted. It will be replaced by a plastic hanging plant, providing considerable savings in maintenance.

The two turtle doves represent a redundancy that is simply not cost effective. In addition, their romance during working hours could not be condoned. The positions are therefore eliminated.

The three French hens will remain intact. After all, everyone loves the French.

The four calling birds were replaced by an automated voice mail system, with a call waiting option. An analysis is underway to determine who the birds have been calling, how often and how long they talked.

The five golden rings have been put on hold by the Board of Directors. Maintaining a portfolio based on one commodity could have negative implications for institutional investors. Diversification into other precious metals as well as a mix of T-Bills and high technology stocks appear to be in order.

The six geese-a-laying constitutes a luxury which can no longer be afforded. It has long been felt that the production rate of one egg per goose per day is an example of the decline in productivity. Three geese will be let go, and an upgrading in the selection procedure by personnel will assure management that from now on every goose it gets will be a good one.

The seven swans-a-swimming is obviously a number chosen in better times. Their function is primarily decorative. Mechanical swans are on order. The current swans will be retrained to learn some new strokes and therefore enhance their outplacement.

As you know, the eight maids-a-milking concept has been under heavy scrutiny by the EEOC. A male/female balance in the workforce is being sought. The more militant maids consider this a dead-end job with no upward mobility. Automation of the process may permit the maids to try a-mending, a-mentoring or a-mulching.

Nine ladies dancing has always been an odd number. This function will be phased out as these individuals grow older and can no longer do the steps.

Ten Lords-a-leaping is overkill. The high cost of Lords plus the expense of international air travel prompted the Compensation Committee to suggest replacing this group with ten out-of-work congressmen. While leaping ability may be somewhat sacrificed, the savings are significant because we expect an oversupply of unemployed congressmen this year.

Eleven pipers piping and twelve drummers drumming is a simple case of the band getting too big. A substitution with a string quartet, a cut back on new music and no uniforms will produce savings which will drop right down to the bottom line.

We can expect a substantial reduction in assorted people, fowl, animals and other expenses. Though incomplete, studies indicate that stretching deliveries over twelve days is inefficient. If we can drop ship in one day, service levels will be improved. Regarding the lawsuit filed by the attorney's association seeking expansion to include the legal profession ("thirteen lawyers-a-suing"), action is pending. Lastly, it is not beyond consideration that deeper cuts may be necessary in the future to stay competitive. Should that happen, the Board will request management to scrutinize the Snow White Division to see if seven dwarfs is the right number.

Childhood Memory, Dream or Alien Experience? (lol)

I know, I know, you read the title and are probably thinking "WTF?". That would be my first response if I stumbled upon this blog post. The thing is I have this memory from when I was 5 or 6 years old, Im not sure if it was a dream, my imagination or an actual visit from beings not from earth.

Here is what I experienced:  I was in bed, and suddenly woke up and saw these figures walking down the stairs from our 3rd floor laundry room.They didn't have a face, and wore these long cloaks.   I was scared, closed my eyes and hid under the blankets, and didnt look again. Until, they pulled my blankets down and tied me up.  I remember not being scared anymore, as they were very gentle. They started showing me a slide show on my wall next to my bed, of animals, and asking me what they were, I answered.  It didn't take long, and when they were done, they turned around and left the same way they came.

I have shared this memory with many people as I grew up. People either laughed & brushed it off, said nothing at all, or were on side with me in thinking this was an alien experience.

According to this survey which identifies typical experiences shared by many abductees, states that I HAVE NOT experienced an alien visit. While it is not intended to cover all similarities, it lets you compare your experiences with those of known abductees.

You be the judge. Was this just a vivid dream of a 6 year old child or was it something else? You tell me!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

2011 Calgary Hitmen Teddy Bear Toss - Proud To Be Calgarian

I watch this video every year and it gives me goosebumps. Im so proud to say I am a Calgarian.

Teddy Bear Toss 2011, Calgary Hitmen vs Medicine Hat Tigers. December 4, 2011.

With an impressive 25,303 stuffed animals collected during the 17th Annual Petro Canada Teddy Bear Toss, the support demonstrated by Hitmen fans and sponsors proved, once again, to be extraordinary.
As for the much-anticipated Teddy Bear Toss goal, Calder Brooks would take that honour.

The announced 25,303 bears collected on Sunday was the second-most in franchise history, behind the world record amount (26,919) set back in 2007

Webcam 101 for Seniors: "The Happy Huffmans"

Came across this on YouTube and had to share it with you. It is so funny! This couple is sooo adorable.

Trying to learn how to use their new computer!

Bruce and Esther Huffman from McMinnville, OR
AKA - "The Happy Huffmans"

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Changing Therapist: Good or Bad Idea?

The time has come where I have finally gotten in to see a therapist that has been referred, not by my doctor, but my disability provider.

I learned a lot from my last therapist, whom was also referred by my disability provider, but they feel a change may be needed due to my recurrence happening so soon after my last episode.

Of course, I am full of all kinds of anxiety. The thought of "starting all over" with someone new, isn't appealing to me at all. Yes, revisiting issues I have dealt with will be easier to cope with, but I'd rather not visit them at all and just focus on the things that are causing me the most grief at the present moment.

My new therapist is a male. This too is causing me a great amount of anxiety. I think it has to do with the fact that most of my current issues are very personal, FEMALE issues. My "emotional self" can't stop thinking, "he just won't understand". My "intellectual self" knows this not to be true. A different perspective could be good. Change is good, just not always easy.

It has been some time since I have been off work and dealing with the emotions and anxiety by myself. This too has me very scared. The hard, fresh, emotions I was feeling 7 weeks ago, do not feel out of control at the moment. I know, as soon as therapy begins there will be an intense & eruptive release of every thought, fear, tear & anger I attempted to cope with myself. This extreme release is very frightening. I know I will feel like a slight weight has been lifted off of me after, but it is still part of the journey that is very unpleasant.

In the long run, Im wondering, will this change be a good one? Will changing therapist at this point just make my journey go on longer than I would have ever expected? Im just ready to move forward, and do not want any more delays.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Old Wounds Re-Opened - The Journey Continues

The vicious circle continues. It is a little disappointing, thinking I had gained so much strength and coping skills from my therapy, to be hit with a relapse that, literally, sucked the breath right out of me. I was not prepared for the intensity of these new emotions.

I think the intensity directly relates to the fact that I was struck with severe anxiety out of nowhere. I had no idea what happened or was happening to cause this anxiety. I had never felt my heart/chest hurt so much, enough so I went to the Dr. just to make sure I was not having heart problems. This is the worse I have ever felt.

Once I realized it was, indeed, anxiety, I had to look deep inside myself and figure out what occurred to trigger this. It was many things, knowledge of events in other peoples lives, residual guilt towards my sister, and a lot of ANGER.

The core issue seems to revolve around the fact I can no longer get pregnant. I have never dealt with the pain the hysterectomy caused me emotionally. I was not ready or prepared to make that decision at the time to have that surgery. I have so much anger towards those I feel pushed me into making that decision.

Then my mind circles around to my pregnancy with my daughter and how horrible it was. I was disowned, had a mother who thought I was slut, no pictures of me pregnant, no happiness attached to the pregnancy, at all. I had my own personal relationship with my pregnant belly as I hid in my room.

Then I start to think about the pregnancy/baby that never came to be in my last relationship, with promises of future pregnancies. Sometimes I feel like I am being punished for the choices I made in the past. I do not deserve to be pregnant or have another child. These thoughts hurt me immensely.

I try so hard to focus on the positive in my life, and I am quite aware of the things I am grateful for, but the pain is so much stronger than me this time.

I have spent the last 6 weeks isolated in my bedroom at home. I do not take care of my personal hygiene. I don't want to eat. I don't want to do anything. In the past I was able to put on a "front" and function daily, I do not have one bit of energy or motivation to even do that.

I really need to get back into my therapy. I anxiously wait for my long term disability provider to get the paper work together and approve funding my therapy. It looks like it will happen next week. The waiting has caused more harm than good. I slip deeper into the darkness the longer it takes. Remind myself..THIS TOO WILL PASS.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Scared of Change?

Great article I found by Amy Bloom on Change is difficult for most, but why worry about changes you cannot control?

Change can be wonderful. People improve their appearance, improve their marriages, get great new jobs, even great new spouses. Plus, dear little babies become adorable toddlers, and pretty soon the toddlers can read and then they're having a really nice Sweet Sixteen and their skin clears up and they never talk to you, they fall in love with people you wouldn't allow in your house if you had a choice and they move far away and you rarely get to see the grandchildren.

That's what change is for a lot of us—stuff you have to pretend to embrace even as your heart sinks; you know it's going to end badly and you already feel the inevitable loss. The other awful thing about change is that we want it as much as we fear it and we need it as much as we need safety. I hate my marriage but I'm afraid of being alone. I'm sick of being a lawyer but I don't know how to do anything else.

Good news: It doesn't matter whether you like change or not, whether you embrace it or run in the opposite direction. Not only will changes be taking place, they will be taking place all the time, with and without your participation, from the mouse-sized (they no longer make your favorite suntan lotion) to elephant-sized (death, divorce, and disability). It turns out that even if you make no changes in your lousy marriage, your stultifying job, or your painful relationship with your brother, all those things will change anyway. Your only choice is to take steps toward change (you don't have to quit the job or the marriage all of a sudden), or to wait and see what surprises the universe has for you as you cling to what you thought was safety.

Mostly, change is as inevitable as rain in the spring. Some of us just put on our raincoats and splash forward, some of us choose to stay home, a few admirable nuts shed their clothes and cavort in the yard, and some people go out and get deeply, resentfully, and miserably wet. And no matter what, the rain falls. It falls on dry grass, which is the kind of change we love, and it falls, too, on June weddings and the day you began the Appalachian Trail. Sylvia Boorstein is a Jewish grandmother, a psychotherapist, and a Buddhist, which signifies to me that she must know something about complaining (even quietly) and accepting (not just pretending to). She writes: "We can struggle, or we can surrender. Surrender is a frightening word for some people, because it might be interpreted as passivity, or timidity. Surrender means wisely accommodating ourselves to what is beyond our control. Getting old, getting sick, dying, losing what is dear to us…is beyond our control. I can either be frightened of life and mad at life—or not. I can be disappointed and still not be mad." People get old, plans change, red wine spills on your great-grandmother's tablecloth—there isn't any other way.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

I always knew there is always the possibility of a relapse when dealing with mental health issues. I really thought if this happened to me that I had gained enough skills & knowledge to be able to cope & deal with it fast enough that it would not effect my day to day life. Once again, I was wrong.

My progress was amazing. I was back to work full time, enjoying life, and conquering the world. I had a wonderful weekend visit with my sister who was in from Dallas. It is wonderful to have such a bond with a person that it didn't feel like it had been 5 years since we saw each other last. It was a completely drama free weekend.

It caught me off guard. It hit me like a tonne of bricks. I was completely paralyzed. The anxiety was keeping me up at night, the pain in my chest was frightening. I was confused, as I know, from the past, that my anxiety/depression appears when I experience trauma. There was no trauma, in my eyes, the past weekend.

So, why, after my sister returned to Dallas, did I start having severe anxiety attacks? My own self diagnosis was that going from a extreme happiness to an extreme sadness my body recognized it has trauma and reacted accordingly. I saw my therapist and she confirmed that this was very possible. We talked some more and realized that there were other things that explained my anxiety. One was the witnessing of a motorcycle accident, although I was calm during & after assisting the victim of this accident, but mind & body held on to the unexpressed emotions I felt from this event. Also, there were some stories my sister shared with me about her past, I had no idea that things had gotten so bad in her life. She made it through it all, and I am very proud of her for doing so, but, once again, the unexpressed emotions of guilt, sadness, fear, etc built up. As soon as my body found a moment to absorb all that happened on the weekend, it reacted in a big way. I was too busy, all weekend, enjoying the time with my sister, and being very present in that moment, that I was not going to let anything get in the way of that.

I was so confident when the anxiety started that I had all the skills to work through this quickly, but sometimes things are bigger than you realize, and require more attention then you first thought. This is now the case with me. I haven't been to work in over a week. Although, my anxiety has almost completely subsided, there is still some work to be done. I am hoping I will get into see the specialist within the next few days and be back to work after the long weekend. Is this hopeful thinking? I do not know. All I know is that I definitely do not feel that this relapse is a long term thing. I truly believe I can work through this in a timely manner and get back to living again.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Turn On Your COURAGE!

Even on the most difficult days there is hope. The worst that could possibly happen cannot even come close to the good that already is. The whole world could crumble around you and still there would be the very real presence of joy and fulfillment in your life.
The best things you have, you cannot ever lose. The most important things can never be taken from you no matter what tragedy may befall you.
And therein lies the strength to attempt anything. You truly cannot fail, so you might as well succeed in the most spectacular fashion. Yes, you will stumble and there will be pain, but it can never equal the joy of which you're capable. Even though no one may catch you when you fall, the minute you hit bottom there will be endless ways to start climbing again.
Act strong because you are strong. Go confidently forward knowing that even the very worst days are still full on wonder and exciting possibility.
You have a great life to be lived. Turn on your courage and make it happen.

-- Ralph Marston

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Though it is important to stay focused, an occasional distraction can sometimes be a good thing. There is much value to be found in the unexpected. The people you didn't expect to meet, the places you didn't expect to go, the things you didn't expect to learn can often lead you in new and positive directions.

When you've been knocked off track, it serves no purpose to beat yourself up about it. Make the most of where you are. If the distraction was compelling enough to get your attention in spite of your commitment to staying focused, then it likely has something to tell you.
Success is a matter of making the most of where you are. Often, where you are is not exactly where you planned to be. That's okay, though. You can still make the best of it. Be open to the possibilities, whatever they may be. Some of the most fortunate discoveries are made by accident.

Make careful and specific plans. Follow them with focus and commitment. And leave some room for serendipity.

-- Ralph Marston

What CAN'T A Women Do? Female Soldiers Rock!

Ever now and then I receive a forwarded email that I just have to share with you, here is one of them:

While the C-5 was turning over its engines, a female crew gave the G.I.s on board the usual information regarding seat belts, emergency exits, etc.

Finally, she said, 'Now sit back and enjoy your trip while your captain, Judith Campbell, and crew take you safely to Afghanistan '

An old Master Sergeant sitting in the eighth row thought to himself, 'Did I hear her right? Is the captain a woman? '

When the attendant came by he said 'Did I understand you right? Is the captain a woman?'
'Yes,'! said the attendant, 'In fact, this entire crew is female.'

'My God,' he said, 'I wish I had two double scotch and sodas. I don't know what to think with only women up there in the cockpit.'

'That's another thing, Sergeant,' said the crew member, 'We No Longer Call It The Cockpit' 'It's The Box Office.'

Quote of the day: Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater. If you give her sperm, she'll give you a baby. If you give her a house, she'll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she'll give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her. So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit.

There's a WHAT on my Foot? A Nipple!!

A young woman who went to see her doctor for a lesion on her foot got a shocking diagnosis: It was a nipple.

When researchers examined her foot, they were surprised to find a “well formed’ nipple, surrounded by aerola and hair, according to an online dermatology journal. Further exams revealed sebaceous glands and fat tissue at the bottom of the lesion.

“To our knowledge, this is the first report of supernumerary breast tissue on the foot,” researchers at Universidade Estadual de Campinas in Brazil wrote in their findings.

Between one and five per cent of the population have the condition, known as supernumerary breast tissue.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Deep Fried What....?!?!? Fair Food - Stampede 2011

With the Calgary Stampede just around the corner I know a lot of people are looking forward to getting their hands on their favorite foods from the mid way. Be it a huge corn dog or the famous mini donuts, we all have our weaknesses when it comes to our deep fried fair food. What are some of your favorites?

Some new DEEP FRIED food on the midway this year are: Deep fried Pop Tarts, Colossal Onion, Kubie Korn Balls, Calamari and 10 different flavours of Poutine!

Now a days it seems like they are finding ways to deep fry everything. Maybe next year we will see these Deep Fried Cherry Kool-Aid Balls on the midway.

Friday, June 10, 2011


If you are able to feel hurt, you are also able to heal that hurt. When someone has angered you, or frustrated you, annoyed you, offended you or made you feel hurt in some other way, you too have been an active participant in that hurt. That's not to say that what they did was right or that it is excusable. It wasn't and it isn't.
Still, your best strategy is to get past it. The hurt you feel is all yours to the extent that you've chosen to experience it. So make the choice to stop experiencing it.

Forgiveness is far more beneficial for you than for the person you are forgiving. So by all means practice it! The longer you delay your forgiveness, the more you are victimized by the original transgression.

No matter how ill intentioned are the actions of another toward you, your forgiveness signals that you are not willing to participate in your own victimization. It's a powerful strategy. Forgive, and make your life more positive, productive, joyful and fulfilling.

-- Ralph Marston

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Want To Be Married Within A Year? Sit In The Wishing Chair!

As I was watching "America's Got Talent", I was reminded of my trip to Seattle several years ago. It was such a beautiful city. I visited all the tourist attractions, including Pikes Place, Space Needle, Seattle Aquarium, but the most memorable place for me was Smith Tower. The view from the observation deck of this building was breathtaking, with views of Mt. Rainier, and the Olympic and Cascade Mountain ranges. Plus, it's the closest view in town of Safeco Field, the Colman Ferry Terminal, and Pioneer Square. This view out did the view from the Space Needle!

The crown jewel of the Smith Tower is the legendary 35th floor Chinese Room. The room’s name derives from the extensive carved wood and porcelain ceiling and the elaborately carved blackwood furniture that were gifts to Mr. Smith from the Empress of China.

The observatory’s furnishings include the famed Wishing Chair. The chair, product of the skill of a Chinese carver and quite likely the skill of an early day virtuoso publicity man, incorporates a carved dragon and a phoenix, which when combined, portends marriage.

Hence the chair came with the sentimental legend that any wishful unmarried woman who sits in it would be married within a year. Some validity to the claim was noted, or at least implied, when Smith’s daughter was wed in the observatory a year following her visit to the building’s opening.

Of course, I had to sit in the chair, as I was a unmarried woman. LOL. I'm sorry to say, I did not marry within a year of sitting and wishing in this "Wishing Chair". No harm in trying, I guess! Maybe I did not wish HARD enough! Check it out if you are ever in Seattle.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy 85th Birthday Marilyn Monroe

Those who know me well, know I am a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe. One of my all time favorite quotes is from her and truly think all women can relate to this quote:

"Im selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I'm out of control, and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best." ~ Marilyn Monroe

Today would have been her 85th birthday, in celebration of that TIME Magazine(Online) looks back at the many faces of Marilyn -- from barefoot starlet to sexy fashion icon.

To see some of the most amazing pictures of Marilyn visit the link below. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Happy Birthday Bombshell: 85 Images of Marilyn Monroe

Monday, May 30, 2011

My Teeth Are Falling Out in My Dreams! What Does it Mean?

My dreams have been very vivid lately & very entertaining. It is not that I have been having the same dream over and over again, my dreams are all different, but these same events keep occurring in them. So much so that I had to pull out my dream dictionary to find out what they could possibly mean.

One of these events happens to be having my teeth fall out. I hear a lot of people have this dream. According to my dream dictionary, this it what it means:

"Teeth are said to stand for aggressive sexuality. Teeth falling or coming out easily means we are going through some form of transition, e.g. from childhood to maturity, or from maturity to old age and helplessness. If one is anxious about teeth dropping out it suggests there is a fear of getting old and undesirable, or an anxiety about maturing. In a woman's dream, if the teeth are swallow this can signify pregnancy"

Yep, that is why I am dreaming about my teeth falling out, I'm getting OLD!! LOL!

The other event that keeps occurring in my dreams is that I find myself in a high school for whatever reason and I'm always getting lost, I can't find my classroom, I can't find my locker, etc. I am definitely curious to see what this could possibly mean. Here it is:

"To have lost something in a dream may mean that we have forgotten, or are out of touch with, matters which could be important. A school with often appear at a time when we are attempting to get rid of antiquated ideas and concepts."

Very interesting! I could totally relate this definition with my life.

There are many different interpretations out there for these types of dreams. You throw "teeth falling out in my dreams" into google and you will see how many different, but similar meanings are out there.

What kind of recurring dreams do you have? Let me know and I will pull out my handy dream dictionary and find a meaning! All in good fun, of course!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Time For Blogging

I have recently been working really hard with my therapist to get me prepared for my return to work. I returned to work last Thursday for my first time in 8 months. Without the help from my therapist, I truly believe my anxiety would have been much worse than it was. It was completely manageable & I was happy to acquire the skill to cope better with moments of anxiety like this.

Due to my focus on my return to work plan I have not had a chance to blog lately. I just wanted to drop a quick note and let you all know I am still alive & kicking and I should be back to my normal blogging shortly.

I am currently on a gradual return to work plan which has me working half days every second day for the first 2 weeks and then full days every second day for 2 weeks, and then I should be back to full time by mid June.

This journey has been a long & painful one, but I am so grateful for all the amazing support I had from everyone, I could not have done it without you guys. This includes my two beautiful daughters, my wonderful online friends from Twitter, my father, my employer, my boss, my therapist, my RTW coordinator, my rehab consultant and ofcourse all the wonderful support I have received right here on my blog. I will be forever grateful to all of you.

I leave you with this quote that I heard in the movie "Seven Years in Tibet" it has become a favorite quote of mine:

"If the problem can be solved there is no use worrying about it, if it can't, worrying will do no good."

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The place we once called home, Slave Lake, Alberta

Massive wildfires sweeping across parts of central and north-central Alberta have caused significant damage and forced the evacuation of dozens of communities, including the Town of Slave Lake and surrounding communities. Approximately 7,000 people have been forced from their homes and it is estimated that half of the town has been destroyed, including the police station and many homes.

Canadian Red Cross Disaster teams responded immediately, mobilizing personnel and emergency supplies including hundreds of cots, blankets and personal hygiene supplies to assist evacuated families. An emergency shelter and reception centre has been opened in Westlock, Alberta with additional operations established in the Town of High Prairie, Athabasca, and Edmonton, as multiple communities prepare to host families in need. The Canadian Red Cross is registering evacuees to help reconnect them with loved ones who may be looking for them and to refer them to other support and services they may need.

The fire continues to burn out of control and families in Alberta need immediate support.

How you can help

Canadians wishing to support the Canadian Red Cross Alberta Fires Response efforts are encouraged to contribute by calling 1-800-418-1111, donating through, or contacting their local Red Cross office. Cheques should be made payable to the Canadian Red Cross, earmarked “Alberta Fires” and mailed to the Canadian Red Cross National Office, 170 Metcalfe Street, Suite 300, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 2P2

Friday, April 29, 2011

Can't Please Everyone!

I can't please everyone! I'm sorry to the people out there that do not agree with my activities while I am on disability. Maybe it isn't that they do not agree, they just do not understand everything about why I am on disability.

My happiness & my mental health are my top priorities right now. Everything I am doing while off work is for the betterment of my mental health & happiness. I love to write my blog as it gives me an opportunity to work on my focus, that is extremely lacking when depressed. Writing makes me happy, and is very therapeutic for me. I am not going to stop writing just because others do not agree with the activity or what I am writing about.

Out of habit, when anyone questions the way I am, or what I do, or what I'm not doing, I automatically resort to feeling, not good enough. A big part of my therapy has been to work on the damage my mother has done to my way of thinking. With her, I was never good enough, and with this last incident with her, it all came down to not being good enough in her eyes.

It is a tough habit to break, when you have been doing it your entire life. It is a process. I have to stop my knee jerk reaction to want to defend myself. Why do I HAVE to defend myself? I don't. I'm not doing anything wrong. Everything I am doing, I am doing by instruction from my therapist. If I had my way, I would isolate myself for the entire 8 months & do nothing, but that would have been detrimental to my mental health.

People do not seem to understand how hard it is to even do the day to day bare necessities when you are depressed. You have good days & you have bad days. If my therapist didn't tell me to try to get out or have friends over, I would have just drowned in the painful depression I was dealing with, and may never have returned.

It is still hard for me to get out. I'm still isolating myself because it is still hard. I do get out for a daily walk & try to focus on one activity (blog, twitter) for a period of time, but my friends would tell you, I have not been on twitter a lot lately & a lot of my blogs are just shared information, not my personal writing. I try to work on my creativity with little projects, but these projects, that would usually take me 2 days, are taking me almost 2 weeks.

I know being on disability means different things to different people, but being on disability isn't fun at all. Actually, being on disability adds more grief to the already difficult, situation. I know my disability is invisible to everyone & is probably the main reason it is so hard for people to understand what I have been doing for the last 8 months.

I really cannot worry about what other people think anymore, it does me no good at all. My entire life I made choices to please others, it was all about what other people thought of me, mainly my mother. I'm done with this habit. The only person I have to prove anything to is myself. The only person I have to make happy from now on is myself. I will not allow anyone to make me feel guilty for my recent journey. All I would ask for is a little bit of compassion & understanding, even if you don't completely understand. I would do the same for you.

I have made a lot of progress in the last 8 months & I am excited to be finally getting back into the swing of things. I don't want people to worry about me, you know, think I'm fragile or anything. I've learned a lot about myself lately, and have gained a lot of strength through all of this. No one needs to walk on egg shells around me, I am not going to break, I promise.

I'm slowly finding myself again, and I missed me/her as much as, I'm sure, some of you have. Things aren't going to be back to normal, they are going to be back to BETTER than normal. Next step, back to work I go.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Return To Work In The New Future: Change is Good!

I saw my therapist on Thursday after a bit of an absence. It felt good to get back in the routine of seeing her every week, and I will continue to do so for the next 8 weeks, as I plan to return to work, first on a part time basis, gradually working back to my full time basis. I suffered a little regression with this absence from my therapist & a little bit of work needs to be done to get me back on track.

Im looking forward to returning to work. Yes, I am a little nervous, but, who wouldn't be. It has been 8 months since I have been off work. I wasn't even off this long when I had my hysterectomy. The length of this absence is what has me nervous about returning. There is no reason that this should have taken this long. Unfortunately, my hands were tied, and most of my time on disability was waiting for approvals, I would say 50% of the time, was due to this.

None the less, I am looking forward to getting back to the day to day activities in the office. My team is the most amazing, creative, smart group of women and just being around them on a daily basis, always makes me strive to be better, smarter & more creative. I truly have missed that daily inspiration.

I am sure a lot has changed since I have been off. We have elected a new mayor. It will be interesting to see what kind, if any, changes have been made in our group & department, due to this. Before I left we had hired a few more staff members, I didn't get a chance to work with them or really get to know them, I wonder how they have adapted within our team. All in all, I know I will be facing a lot of change upon my return, but change is good from where I am sitting right now. I am ready, with open arms, for change.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Are Thoughts The Source of Ego? (Tolle Thursday)

I am a big fan of Eckhart Tolle. When I first was diagnosed with depression, his book 'A New Earth' was a big part of my recovery from that episode of depression.

It taught me to let go of the past, which is a big part of depression, dwelling on the past. Going forward I will be sharing tidbits of information via videos from Eckhart's book, as there was so much that I learned from this book, that it must be shared.

If you would like to buy this book, click on the Amazon icon on the right hand side toolbar.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Jack Project

The Jack Project will combat the massive stigma associated with mental illness and improve the services for young people struggling with anxiety, depression and thoughts of suicide.

Another great organization working to change the mental health stigma. My thoughts and prayers are with Jack's family.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Encana’s Race Against Hunger

I came across this program on Facebook, and thought it was a great idea to raise funds for local food banks. It is as simple as liking a facebook page and tagging yourself in picture that Encana provides.

The goal of Encana’s Race Against Hunger program is to help raise funds and awareness for local food banks during the spring and summer months when donations typically decrease, despite a constant need in the community.

Through community investment initiatives, Encana is helping find solutions and creating opportunities that support sustainable communities.

Like Encana’s Facebook page then tag yourself anywhere on this IMAGE between April 9-18, 2011 and we’ll do the rest. For every tag it gets, Encana will make a $5 cash donation to a local food bank, up to a maximum of $10,000.

Say Yes

Though you can't say yes to everything, you certainly want to say yes to those things which will move your life forward.

Here is another visual reminder I have created. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Let's Get Social Sunday (BLOG HOP)

What is Let’s Get Social?

Let’s Get Social is a weekly link-up hosted by a fabulous group of five bloggers we call the Fab 5! The Fab 5 includes Bridget of Guide to Smart Shopping, Jennifer of Sweep Tight, Jessica of Mom of all Trades, Tree of Mother of Pearl It Is, and Brandi of Life with Five Monkies.

We created Let’s Get Social as a means to socialize with other bloggers as well as help you gain more followers! You can follow via any social method you like. You can also follow using more than one method and we encourage you to do so! Please be sure to leave a comment letting the person know how you followed so they can follow you back.

To Participate:

-Follow all of the hosts in the first 5 spots. Please leave a comment on our Let’s Get Social post letting us know how you follow and we will follow you back. Please be patient with us as it might take us a couple days to get through everybody.

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-All blogs participating must post about Let’s Get Social each week when linking up. Please include our button using the code provided above in your post. This will help to get the word out about Let’s Get Social.

-Link-up the post you made on your blog for Let’s Get Social. Please link directly to your post instead of to your homepage.

This linky will go live every Saturday at 9:00 pm EST! Direct links to your hop post only please! Links to your homepage, other blog hop, or giveaways will be deleted.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

When You Thought I Wasn't Looking

I came across this almost 10 years ago & it left a permanent mark on my heart & mind. Not only is this an important message for parents, it is relevant for everyone. I hope you enjoy it & cherish it as much as I do. Pass it on!

(Written by a former child [aren't we all?])

A message every adult should read, because children are watching you and
doing as you do, not as you say.

When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw you hang my first painting on the
refrigerator, and I immediately wanted to paint another one.

When you thought I wasn't looking I saw you feed a stray cat, and I learned
that it was good to be kind to animals.

When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw you make my favorite cake for me
and I learned that the little things can be the special things in life.

When you thought I wasn't looking I heard you say a prayer, and I knew there
is a God I could always talk to and I learned to trust in God.

When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw you make a meal and take it to a
friend who was sick, and I learned that we all have to help take care of
each other.

When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw you give of your time and money to
help people who had nothing and I learned that those who have something
should give to those who don't.

When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw you take care of our house and
everyone in it and I learned we have to take care of what we are given.

When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw how you handled your
responsibilities, even when you didn't feel good and I learned that I would
have to be responsible when I grow up.

When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw tears come from your eyes and I
learned that sometimes things hurt, but it's all right to cry.

When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw that you cared and I wanted to be
everything that I could be.

When you thought I wasn't looking, I learned most of life's lessons that I
need to know to be a good and productive person when I grow up.

When you thought I wasn't looking, I looked at you and wanted to say,
"Thanks for all the things I saw when you thought I wasn't looking."

Each of us (parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, teacher or friend) influence
the life of a child. How will you touch the life of someone today?

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Ultimate Blog Party 2011 #UBP11 - Party Post

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

My name is Candi. I am a 40 year old, single mother of a beautiful 22 year old daughter.
I was a teenage single mom at the age of 17, it wasn't an easy journey,
but the end result is a daughter, that has grown into an amazing young woman, I must have did something right. I love sharing my experiences, adventures & journey I took as a teenage single mom in my blog.

I am also a proud advocate for changing the stigma attached to mental health. I have been diagnosed with depression & find it very therapeutic to share my story with others. Being depressed isn't something I have ever been ashamed of, and in sharing my story I hope others feel less alone & inspired to share their stories too, and hopefully, feel less ashamed.

I love sharing anything & everything that crosses my path & impacts me in some way, be it inspiring, sad, funny or just random thoughts, my blog is a smorgasbord of topics.

Interested in learning more? Click on either the Twitter or Facebook button on the toolbar at the bottom of this page. I look forward to meeting many more bloggers.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Origins of April Fools Day

April Fools’ Day, also called All Fools’ Day, in most countries the first day of April. It received its name from the custom of playing practical jokes on this day—for example, telling friends that their shoelaces are untied or sending them on so-called fools’ errands. Although the day has been observed for centuries, there are different explanations for its origin. It resembles festivals such as the Hilaria of ancient Rome, held on March 25, and the Holi celebration in India, which ends on March 31. The modern custom may have originated in France when the Gregorian calendar, which moved New Year’s Day from March 25 to January 1, was adopted in 1582. Those who continued to celebrate the end of New Year Week on April 1 were referred to as fools. The timing of the day also may be related to the vernal equinox (March 21), a time when people are said to be fooled by sudden changes in the weather.

There are variations between countries in the celebration of April Fools’ Day, but all have in common an excuse to make someone play the fool. In France, for example, the fooled person is called poisson d’avril (“April fish”), perhaps in reference to a young fish and hence to one that is easily caught; it is common for French children to pin a paper fish to the backs of unsuspecting friends. In Scotland the day is Gowkie Day, for the gowk, or cuckoo, a symbol of the fool and the cuckold, which suggests that it may have been associated at one time with sexual license; on the following day signs reading “kick me” are pinned to friends’ backs. In many countries newspapers and the other media participate—for example, with false headlines or news stor

Saturday, April 2, 2011

5 Rules To Keep A Strong Friendship


5 rules you should stick to if you want to form and keep a strong friendship with someone, if any of these things start to go missing, the friendship will weaken, like a brick being removed from a wall, and the more of these bricks that go missing, the weaker the friendship will become until it collapses all together...

1. Be Fun: no-one wants to be friends with a moody cow, so make sure you try and be happy and fun to be around for as much as possible. Learn how to entertain your friend and find things that you like doing together.

2. Honesty: It's ok to tell an occasional white lie where necessary, but generally, be as honest as you can, be yourself and don't try to be anyone you're not and most importantly NEVER LIE TO YOUR FRIEND!

3. Sympathy: Learn to know when your friend is feeling upset, what might upset them, and how to make them feel better when they do get upset. Being in touch with their feelings is key to making any friendship work.

4. Loyalty: If you ever hear any gossip going around about your friend, or if another person tells you something that they really ought to know, then tell them! This will ensure your friend that you are always looking out for him/her and will give them the impression that you are their knight in shining armour!

5. Trust: NEVER tell anyone else any of your friend's secrets, or gossip, behind your friend's back! If your friend doesn't trust you- the friendship WILL collapse

Read more:

Friday, April 1, 2011

Need A Happiness Reminder?

Lately, I have felt like I really needed a reminder on what it takes to be happy. Prior to this recent episode of depression, I knew it was my choice to be happy or not, and I always chose to be happy & see the best in everything. Doing this becomes difficult when your days are filled with darkness & you feel like you are drowning & have no survival skills in the real world due to depression. I needed a change, fast!

When I'm feeling down I find doing research & being creative always helps me feel better. So I put my creative skills to work and created this little "Happiness" reminder for myself & would love to share it with you.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

101 Ways To Make Other People Smile

A link to this list was shared with me on twitter. I loved it and had to share it with you & #101 says share with your favorite people, here it is:


Smile is the best cure for any mental disease. It shows the victory on your face. Smiling with others is better than smiling alone.

Here are the 101 ways to make others smile. Read each one slowly and savor the thought..

01. Call an old friend, just to say hi.

02. Hold a door open for a stranger.

03. Invite someone to lunch.

04. Compliment someone on his or her appearance.

05. Ask a coworker for their opinion on a project.

06. Bring cookies to work.

07. Let someone cut in during rush hour traffic.

08. Leave a waitress or waiter a big tip.

09. Tell a cashier to have a nice day.

10. Call your parents.

11. Let someone know you miss them.

12. Treat someone to a movie.

13. Let a person know you really appreciate them.

14. Visit a retirement center.

15. Take a child to the zoo.

16. Fill up your spouse's car with gas.

17. Surprise someone with a small gift.

18. Leave a thank-you note for the cleaning staff at work.

19. Write a letter to a distant relative.

20. Tell someone you thought about them the other day.

21. Put a dime in a stranger's parking meter before the time expires.

22. Bake a cake for a neighbor.

23. Send someone flowers to where they work.

24. Invite a friend to tea.

25. Recommend a good book to someone.

26. Donate clothing to a charity.

27. Offer an elderly person a ride to where they need to go.

28. Bag your own groceries at the checkout counter.

29. Give blood.

30. Offer free baby-sitting to a friend who's really busy or just needs a break.

31. Help your neighbor rake leaves or shovel snow.

32. Offer your seat to someone when there aren't any left.

33. Help someone with a heavy load.

34. Ask to see a store's manager and comment on the great service.

35. Give your place in line at the grocery store to someone who has only a few items.

36. Hug someone in your family for no reason.

37. Wave to a child in the car next to you.

38. Send a thank-you note to your doctor.

39. Repeat something nice you heard about someone else.

40. Leave a joke on someone's answering machine.

41. Be a mentor or coach to someone.

42. Forgive a loan.

43. Fill up the copier machine with paper after you're done using it.

44. Tell someone you believe in them.

45. Share your umbrella on a rainy day.

46. Welcome new neighbors with flowers or a plant.

47. Offer to watch a friend's home while they're away.

48. Ask someone if they need you to pick up anything while you're out shopping.

49. Ask a child to play a board game, and let them win.

50. Ask an elderly person to tell you about the good old days.

51. During bad weather, plan an indoor picnic with the family.

52. Buy someone a goldfish and bowl.

53. Compliment someone on their cooking and politely ask for a second helping.

54. Dance with someone who hasn't been asked.

55. Tell someone you mentioned them in your prayers.

56. Give children's clothes to another family when your kids outgrow them.

57. Deliver extra vegetables from your garden to the whole neighborhood.

58. Call your spouse just to say, I love you.

59. Call someone's attention to a rainbow or beautiful sunset.

60. Invite someone to go bowling.

61. Figure out someone's half-birthday by adding 182 days, and surprise them with a cake.

62. Ask someone about their children.

63. Tell someone which quality you like most about them.

64. Brush the snow off of the car next to yours.

65. Return your shopping cart to the front of the store.

66. Encourage someone's dream, no matter how big or small it is.

67. Pay for a stranger's cup of coffee without them knowing it.

68. Leave a love letter where your partner will find it.

69. Ask an older person for their advice.

70. Offer to take care of someone's pet while they're away.

71. Tell a child you're proud of them.

72. Visit a sick person, or send them a care package.

73. Join a Big Brother or Sister program.

74. Leave a piece of candy on a coworker's desk.

75. Bring your child to work with you for the afternoon.

76. Give someone a recording of their favorite music.

77. Email a friend some information about a topic they are especially interested in.

78. Give someone a homemade gift.

79. Write a poem for someone.

80. Bake some cookies for your local fire or police department

81. Organize a neighborhood cleanup and have a barbecue afterwards.

82. Help a child build a birdhouse or similar project.

83. Check in on an old person, just to see if they're okay.

84. Ask for the recipe after you eat over at someone's house
85. Personally welcome a new employee at work and offer to take them out for lunch.

86. While in a car, ask everyone to buckle up because they are important to you.

87. Let someone else eat the last slice of cake or pizza.

88. Stop and buy a drink from a kid's lemonade stand.

89. Forgive someone when they apologize.

90. Wave to someone looking for a parking space when you're about to leave a shopping center.

91. Send a copy of an old photograph to a childhood friend.

92. Leave a pint of your spouse's favorite flavor of ice cream in the freezer with a bow on it.

93. Do a household chore that is usually done by someone else in the family.

94. Be especially happy for someone when they tell you their good news.

95. Compliment a coworker on their role in a successful project.

96. Give your spouse a spontaneous back rub at the end of the day.

97. Serve someone in your family breakfast in bed.

98. Ask someone if they've lost weight.

99. Make a donation to a charity in someone's honor.

100. Take a child to a ballgame.

101. Share this list with 10 of your favorite people!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Symptoms of Inner Peace


by Saskia Davis

Be on the lookout for symptoms of inner peace. The hearts of a great many already have been exposed; and it is possible that people, everywhere, could come down with it in epidemic proportions. This could pose a serious threat to what, up to now, has been a fairly stable condition of conflict in the world.

Signs & Symptoms of Inner Peace

A tendency to think and act spontaneously rather than on fears based on past experiences

An unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment

A loss of interest in judging other people

A loss of interest in judging self

A loss of interest in interpreting the actions of others

A loss of interest in conflict

A loss of ability to worry

Frequent, overwhelming episodes of appreciation

Contented feelings of connectedness with others & nature

Frequent attacks of smiling

An increasing tendency to let things happen rather than make them happen

An increased susceptibility to love extended by others and the uncontrollable urge to extend it


If you have some or all of the above symptoms, be advised that your condition of inner peace may be too far advanced to be curable. If you are exposed to anyone exhibiting any of these symptoms, remain exposed only at your own risk. © 1984

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Progression Turning To Regression In My Life

I was so excited about my progress & the idea of returning to work in February. The therapy I was receiving was a huge help in this progression. Funny how fast progression can turn to regression.

Thanks to the system, I have not had a therapy session since February. Since my last session I have been waiting for approval to be accepted for rehabilitation services that my disability provider offers. To this day I am still waiting to hear from them regarding the funding they will provide for me to continue my therapy. These services will also work with me and my employer in making my return to work plan. The waiting is getting the best of me. Why didn't they offer these services right from the beginning of my long term disability? Instead they waited until my initial claim expired to offer this to me.

I am crying a lot lately. Alone, cut off from the world, isolated in my room, by choice, of course. The will do to anything is completely absent from my life. I do not want to get out of bed in the morning. I do not want to make any effort to be involved in life right now. Even the efforts of doing things for my friends brings me no pleasure. What happened to me? I've lost myself in this depression. I can't find or see the, once, positive & optimistic self I once was. I miss me.

I can't get over this feeling of the longer I am off work the more people at work are going to judge me. I know to be judged for something like this sounds ridiculous, but it happens. This judgment is a true sign of the stigma attached to mental health. I love my job and the corporation I work for, but, what seems to me, to be lack of support, is really affecting my feeling of self worth.

People do not seem to understand how badly I want to feel better and get back to normalcy of work, friends & family. I have done everything in my power & what has been requested of me to getting better & past all of this. It is no fault of my own that my progress is being hampered by process. Not only is it being hampered, but I truly believe it is causing me to regress.

I feel worse today, in a different way, than I did when all of this began. Im losing touch with everything. I feel nothing, but feel too much all at the same time. I want to call out for help, reach out to a friend, but I feel like I have burdened so many people with all of this. If I were them I would be tired of my shit too. I just want all of it to be over.

I want to be happy again. I want to be positive & optimistic about my life. I keep telling myself that this is just another bump in the road & that this, too, will pass, but those words & thoughts aren't bringing me the comfort that they use to.

The light at the end of the tunnel is no longer in view & Im completely lost on what to do. Patience needs to become my friend as I continue this journey.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Sister Revisits The Past

I have shared this story with you in previous blog posts (Possible Closure After Two Decades: A Families Worst Nightmare, Possible Closure After Two Decades: A Families Worst Nightmare Part 2).

I am so proud of my sister for sharing her story with the world. The courage & strength it had to take to revisit this horrible event in your life, is inspirational.

Here is her segment on CBC Winnipeg News from Tuesday, March 22.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Now Tell Me Something Positive

We all come across people in our life that always seem to do nothing but complain. Maybe most of them do not even realize they are being negative & would love a little reminder that their positivity is lacking.

Right after they finish complaining, say to them, "Now tell me something positive" Some people have no idea how negative they have become. That is what they surround themselves with, day in and day out, so it is just a way of life for them. Being given a reminder, they may realize that is not how they want to project and start working on becoming more positive.

Just my thoughts.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Internatioinal Women's Day - March 8, 2011

International Women's Day International Women's Day

I’m writing to let you know about a fabulous women’s event being held tomorrow.

It’s called International Women’s Day ~ “This is Our Time". Check it out ~ Tomorrow there’s going to be a global celebration of women past, present, and future ~ the largest gathering of women in the history of the world!

The Women’s Information Network (WIN) is the women’s global community that’s presenting LIVE celebrations in 10 cities across America that will be simultaneously live-streamed to women in 176 countries!

I love the fact that women will be celebrating and honoring women all over the world on the same day! I’m going to participate and thought you might want to hear about it.