Friday, June 10, 2011


If you are able to feel hurt, you are also able to heal that hurt. When someone has angered you, or frustrated you, annoyed you, offended you or made you feel hurt in some other way, you too have been an active participant in that hurt. That's not to say that what they did was right or that it is excusable. It wasn't and it isn't.
Still, your best strategy is to get past it. The hurt you feel is all yours to the extent that you've chosen to experience it. So make the choice to stop experiencing it.

Forgiveness is far more beneficial for you than for the person you are forgiving. So by all means practice it! The longer you delay your forgiveness, the more you are victimized by the original transgression.

No matter how ill intentioned are the actions of another toward you, your forgiveness signals that you are not willing to participate in your own victimization. It's a powerful strategy. Forgive, and make your life more positive, productive, joyful and fulfilling.

-- Ralph Marston


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