Thursday, November 10, 2011

"God Bless The Parents Who Drugged Us"


  1. I have to say that while this article attempts to paint a positive picture of the type of parenting the author describes, dragging your child to a woodshed to beat them, is considered child abuse today, and would get a parent sent to jail, not blessed by God. That said, I do like your blog, and it ahs been on my blogroll for some time at

  2. I completely agree with you! I do not condone child abuse in any way. In my opinion, this article is just showing how times have changed. The article doesn't say anything about beatings in the woodshed. Maybe he had to go out and cut a weeks worth of wood.

    In those times that behaviour was considered ok, but today, kids are killing each other with guns, and themselves with drugs with lack of respect to any forms of authority. Problems are bigger today and call for even harsher punishments. The problems seemed simpler back then and the consequences extreme, today problems are more complex and some times no consequences.

    Im not saying we should start practicing spanking our children, but what I got from the article is that parents aren't involved enough in their children's lives today as they were back in the day. Parents need to start taking more responsibility for their children's actions.

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  4. I think it's funny that the characters in the story think that "drug problems" are a new thing.

    I can recall hits of the 30's-50's about cocaine and alcohol abuse. Hits from the 50's-70's about hallucinogenic drugs and weed. It was a prominent part of pop culture in those decades. It existed in our public...we simply didn't acknowledge things as much. Sweeping things under the rug was or specialty.