Sunday, July 24, 2011


Though it is important to stay focused, an occasional distraction can sometimes be a good thing. There is much value to be found in the unexpected. The people you didn't expect to meet, the places you didn't expect to go, the things you didn't expect to learn can often lead you in new and positive directions.

When you've been knocked off track, it serves no purpose to beat yourself up about it. Make the most of where you are. If the distraction was compelling enough to get your attention in spite of your commitment to staying focused, then it likely has something to tell you.
Success is a matter of making the most of where you are. Often, where you are is not exactly where you planned to be. That's okay, though. You can still make the best of it. Be open to the possibilities, whatever they may be. Some of the most fortunate discoveries are made by accident.

Make careful and specific plans. Follow them with focus and commitment. And leave some room for serendipity.

-- Ralph Marston

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