Sunday, December 6, 2009

Beginning to Feel Alot Like Christmas

With the big blizzard that hit Calgary this weekend that left blankets and blankets of snow as definitely put me in the spirit of Christmas. My daughter is currently busy putting up the Christmas Tree. I have started some of my shopping, kudos to those that have finished their shopping. I am always saving my stuff until the last minute.

With the tree finally going up in our living room it got me to thinking about Christmas Traditions. What are some of your favorite Christmas Traditions that have either been past down generation to generation or maybe it is something you are just starting this year? I love to hear what different families do to celebrate this holiday. Do any of you still go out to the forest and cut down your own tree? That is something I have never done, come to think of it, I do not think I have ever had a real tree for Christmas My tree always fit nicely in a large

Most of my family traditions occur on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day...which I will share closer to that time. Christmas baking has always been something we try to do every year. Last year it was a gingerbread house. This year my daughter is on some kind of banana bread kick, wonder if she will make Christmas banana bread? Yummy!

Tis the season to be jolly!

Miss Candy

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