Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Second Home...If I Won The Lottery

Im not a big architecture buff, but when I first saw this building I was amazed. I came across this video in a old email last summer. Just re-watched this video again after dusting it off. Im still awestruck by the beauty of this building. I have heard rumors that it will not be built in Dubai due to their financial problems and that it will now be built in Hong Kong, but they are just rumors, as far as I know.

Check out this building and try to tell me you are NOT awestruck by it:


  1. That's pretty cool, although I wonder about a few things.

    If your apartment is the whole floor, then getting off the elevator would be fairly easy, but if there's four apartments - could it be confusing to find your own place - and if you get off the elevator and walk in the wrong direction would older people endlessly chase their home?

    And if its able to use wind to spin it (and possibly generate power) how fast would the floor spin in a hurricane/typhoon type wind?

  2. Good questions. LOL. I believe only the top floors are penthouse suites (entire floor). Individual apartments are on the lower flowers. I also believe that each tenant is able to control the rotation with on/off switches.
    None the less, your questioning gave me some good chuckles. Thanks