Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Never Ending Mental Health Journey

I have now been on a mental health leave from work for almost 6 months. When all of this started I had no idea this journey would be as long as it has been. If you asked me 3 months ago how I felt about my progress I would have told you, I see the light & feel optimistic about returning to work quickly.

Today, I feel differently. Do not get me wrong, I have made ALOT of progress with this since it started, but just when I think I have dealt with it all, my therapist comes up with the next step. First, I had to deal with the event that started all of this. Second, I had to deal with the unspoken feelings I had towards my mother & how she has treated me my entire life. Third, I had to look at myself and I how I deal & categorize difficult people in my life, in an unhealthy manner. Fourth, it was time to get back out in the world. Needed to face my anxiety & get out and about. I'm still struggling with this one, I can have people over, but I feel overwhelmed when I have to go out. Fifth, it was time to make a plan. A plan on how I would deal with my mother if she were to contact me. I need to do this so I am better able to cope with the normal stress that comes from these contacts.

This is the step I am currently at. It is a difficult one for me, as I have always been on the edge of my seat or walking on egg shells wondering what is going to happen with the next contact from my mother. I feel, even if I have a plan on how to deal with this, that it won't alleviate the stress of the unknown I have with my mother. So I am working on this.

As you can see, there may or may not be many more steps to go for me. We still have not gotten to how I am going to deal with the stress I am feeling with returning to work. I feel I am getting depressed being off work this long, and that the transition back to work is going to be more difficult the longer I am off.

I miss the daily routine of going into the office. I miss work. But I understand I need to finish this journey to ensure that I am at my best before returning. I have complete faith & trust in my therapist.

I was doing some research on transitioning back to work after being off on a mental health leave and I came across this Free Emotional Wellness Self-Assessment and decided to take it. According to this assessment, I am still in great need of more therapy.

Want to find out if you are suffering from depression, anxiety or stress? Take this Free Emotional Wellness Self-Assessment and find out. The report they provide after is amazing, which also provides things you can do to help yourself. When filling out the information, I just used a fake business name to proceed. Let me know your thoughts on the assessment.

Let the journey continue!

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