Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cops Should Knock Like Girl Scouts Selling Cookies!!

One of my favorite TV shows is 'The First 48' on A&E. I would watch this show daily, all day when I was on medical leave for surgery last year. I continue to watch it daily now while on my mental health leave.

It is a reality show about murders in different cities in the US, and just like the title states, it is the first 48 hours of the investigation. From the call to the murder scene to the arrest of the suspect.

I swear I could either commit a murder and get away with it or I could solve and murder case put in front of me, from everything I learned on this show. Totally kidding about the murder part..LOL..I couldn't harm a fly..ok maybe a fly, but not a human.

The reason for this post is that I notice in all reality cop shows that the cops have a very distinctive knock..very hard & very loud. No normal person would ever knock like this. Im not saying cops aren't normal. They just have a certain way of knocking. I am sure this knock is taught to them in the police academy and it is standard practice.

What I do not get is, have they not learned from experience that more than half the time, if not more, no criminal will answer the door when they hear that knock. Of course, they are going to hide, they know the cops are at the door, because of the knock.

Don't you think if you tapped on the door, like a girl scout selling cookies, you would more than likely get more success at having the people answer the door when searching for a criminal. They can't hide if they don't know you are coming.

Just my random thoughts.


  1. I like the one where the cops were trying to flush the guy out of his apartment, so they dialed his number from the comm at the entrance way and said something like:

    "Dude, the cops were just here and they asked me about your apartment! You betta get outta there!"

    Buddy came running downstairs right into their hands...

    True story, can't remember where but somewhere in Canada :D lol

  2. LMAO...great story. See there are many creative ways they can catch their guy, without being so obvious.