Monday, February 1, 2010

Things To Do Before I Die (The Buried Life)

There is this new show on MTV called The Buried Life that I absolutely love, it makes me cry and laugh. On this show 4 guys (Dave Lingwood, Jonnie Penn, Duncan Penn, Ben Nemtin) are going across America fulfilling 100 items on their list of things to do before they die. Also, they find individuals along the way and ask them what one thing they would like to do before they die,and they help this individual fulfill that dream.

So far they have complete two items on their list: Attend Playboy Party at the Mansion and Make A Toast At A Strangers Wedding. The Playboy Party episode was hilarious, as they decided to dress up as Oompa Loompa and hide in a cake to sneak in, they were successful. The individual they helped was a teacher who wished he could provide working computers for his students at his private school. The boys heading out on to the street and started to perform for change, all and all they were successful and presented the teacher with a brand new Mac computer for his students. The individual they helped on the episode where the toasted a stranger at a wedding, was a man who had not spoken or seen his son in 17 years. The boys put their thinking caps on and tracked down the man's son. At the end of the episode you see the man on the phone speaking with his son. I CRIED SO HARD!

The man reason I am writing this post is to share with you my list of things to do before I die. I started creating this list last year in preparation for my 40th Birthday coming up in 2010. My plan was to complete most, if not all, of these things in 2010 leading up to my birthday in August. I will post this list here and cross of the items has I complete them. Here you go:

1. Bungee Jump
2. Attend the Warped Tour and body surf
3. Sing Karaoke in Public
4. Get Tattoo to Celebrate 40 Years
5. Sky Dive
6. Attend a Taping of Oprah
7. Attend a Taping of Ellen
8. Get Complete Make Over (trust me I need it)
9. Attend a Stripper Class
10. Learn to Ski/Snowboard
11. Learn to Surf
12. Go Whitewater Rafting
13. Go on a Pub Crawl (never attended one of these)
14. Stay up for 24hrs in Las Vegas
15. Be a team member of a roller derby team for 1 night

I continuously add to this list, but this is where I am at so far. I have not completed any of these yet, as you know, I have been bed ridden for the last 3 months and 1 more month to go. Then look out world, here I come.

Miss Candy

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