Monday, April 5, 2010

Calgary 2010 Olympic & Paralympic Salute

Today I spent my lunch hour going down memory lane. Not memories from years ago, but memories a short six weeks ago. I relived the moments that gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes at the most amazing Olympic Games I have ever experienced, and that includes '88 Olympics in Calgary.

Today Calgary saluted the outstanding athletes from Alberta that won over, not only our hearts, but the nations hearts. More than a thousand people filled Olympic Plaza to cheer on sixty of the Alberta-based Olympians and Paralympians.

It was amazing to see all the great Albertan athletes, but I must say the highlight of the event for me was, the one and only, JOHN MONTGOMERY. I love this guy. He isn't from Alberta, he is from my home province of Manitoba. I have two memories of John at the Olympics;his overwhelming excitement when he realized he won gold, brought me to tears, was so proud. Then walking through Whistler Plaza and accepting a big huge stein full of beer & doing the only thing a Canadian would do..take a huge swig. He deserved it.

Here is a little video of his speech at today's event. You can't see him, but you sure know who you are hearing.

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