Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mini Rituals for Acceptance

Another great find via my Super Better app. I've used the "it's okay bowl"

1. THE IT’S OKAY BOWL: Get a bowl from the kitchen and make it the “It’s Okay” bowl. Write down the thing you wish would change on a piece of paper then place it in the bowl. Continue with as many items as you like.
2. FIND AN EPIC JAM: What’s your favorite song about acceptance or perseverance even when down on your luck? Play your song, imagining yourself the hero in the epic adventure of your life contending with obstacles.
3. GO OUTSIDE YOURSELF: Think of a friend who has an issue that they wish would change. Sometimes it’s easier for you accept a challenge that belongs to someone else. When our friends are going through tough times, we don’t tend to judge them as much as we judge ourselves. Accept your friend’s painful issues. That’s just how it is for them right now. You know it’s going to get better. Having this issue doesn’t make them a better or worse person than anyone else. Now beam that same acceptance at yourself and your own issue.

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