Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why Do I Want To Shave My Head?

I do not know if this is a symptom of a "nervous breakdown" but I'm really having the urge to shave my head.
I have never heard of people doing this, beside Brittney Spears.

I do not have a weave or anything that I want to get rid of like she did either. Every day I am closer and closer to doing this.  Is this normal?  Have you suffered from a "nervous breakdown" and had the urge to shave your head?  Please, let me know.

I have not blogged in a while.  I have several posts to write to share my progress on my current mental health journey. It has progressed nicely, but Im currently at a very difficult and very painful point in the journey.  Feeling a lot of fear, sadness, anger and am so overwhelmed that I fear, at times, I do not know how I am going to survive this next leg of my journey.


  1. If you are seriously interested in shaving your head, we are hosting a Spring Fundraiser on March 31, 2012 in Calgary at which we will also be having head shaving going on. All funds raised go to the Canadian Cancer Society's Relay For Life. If you are interested, send me an email at Might as well do it - for such a great cause. We're donating all of the hair to make wigs for people of all ages.

  2. I've shaved my head before, just always wanted to do it, no other reason. Takes courage. Since then IÈve kept it short, Hallie Berry-like.
    Now lately I have this urge to do it again. In all honesty, it is the only haircut that made me feel so liberated. I think that is why I want to do it again. But probably has to do with the rough year and some bumps in the road this year, part of my healing process I suppose. I guess it is a little symbolic. I hope you do it and if you do just remember-- you will get alot of positve feedback but there will also be negative vibes, IGNORES THESE PEOPLE, they are bitter and only trying to get you to their level. Walk away. there are so many women that shave their heads, now more than ever. the fact is ALOT AND i MEAN ALOT of women want to do it, but they are sooooo afraid of what people will say.

  3. Hey, I did it abour 8 years ago.. I was stressed.. I'll give you that... but not on a border of breaking.. It was just change i was looking for without considering concequence... risk.. I guess.. and i did it.. it was liberating.. and hard to find a job and I ended up finding out that i had an egg head.. which is not pretty.. and my boyfriend was NOT impressed.. ;) oh well.. :D

    my opinion is.. if you want to know.. Its a little bit of living.. you will learn about yourself by testing yourself rather than listening to other peoples experiences...

    i'm sure it will make you a stronger, more confident person.. just to find out who/ where you are and how you can react to that. just be a good person.

    just be yourself.. do what you want.. you only live once... b

  4. Did you shave it??? I came across this post and funny thing is, I have been having the urge to do to same thing....Im at a crossroads in my life, have been very ill for about 3 years, on a feeding tube for survival. Just turned 40....lots of changes in my life the past few years....will shaving my head make me feel like Im "reborn"???

  5. this is the 3rd time i have shaved my head in depression(im bi-polor) I find it really liberating, like i dont care what people think of me and maybe its a way of proving that to myself and every one else.also it could be simbolic of a new start? I am having a hard time myself at the moment and could use one! Good luck and I hope all goes well for you