Sunday, March 28, 2010

Why Do We Tend To Whisper In The Dark? Earth Hour 2010

Earth Hour 2010 has come and gone in Calgary. This was the first time I participated in Earth Hour. I was saddened by the sight of lights on in my complex. The majority of the units had all their lights.

Although the lights were still on in my complex, the rest of Calgary got on board. Some of the buildings downtown that participated in Earth Hour; Telus Tower, Old PetroCan Tower, Calgary Tower, Hyatt, Bow Tower, Municipal Building(Oz), Public Library, and the Epcor Centre.

The results for Calgary were a little disappointing compared to last year. Calgary saw a reduction of 5 megawatts, 2009 was a better result, as we saved 10 megawatts. Regardless, reduction is reduction is reduction. The 5 megawatt reduction in Calgary during Earth Hour equates to 4 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions that were not emitted into the air.

The only question I have that came out of Earth Hour 2010; Why do we tend to whisper when we are in the dark?

Miss Candy

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